About Us

IBEW Local 502 is a Union representing Electrical Workers in Southern New Brunswick. We bargain with the Electrical Contractors Association of New Brunswick and their member contractors for wages, benefits and working conditions. Local 502 is the largest Construction Electrical Union in the province representing more that 400 members.


Employees bargain with strength for wages, benefits and rights when they join together. That's why it's important to unionize.

ITS ALWAYS wise to take full advantage of YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.

WITH A UNION, the employer must bargain and pay the wages negotiated.

WITH A UNION, your rights on the job are spelled out and must be respected.

WITH A UNION, you can stop abuses on the job. The union can prevent unjust and unfair treatment by giving you representation on the job and the right to file grievances if you are treated unfairly.

WITH A UNION, you can negotiate for better holiday pay, vacations, health and welfare benefits, and job conditions.

WITH A UNION, you have greater security on your job. Company management cannot fire you without just cause.

With a Collective Bargaining Agreement, you have rights. Management must have just cause for any disciplinary action taken against a union employee.


Contact IBEW Organizer Tylor Linton at (506) 654-9031 or  tyloribew502@gmail.com