Retiree Club

IBEW Local 502 recognizes the important role that our retired members have played in the history of our Local Union and the Labour movement. We value their contributions and consider them too meaningful and vital to be disregarded. We believe their attributes could be used to the benefit of the retirees, their families and the IBEW as well.

A retirees’ club is one way to marshal the experience, talent, energy and wisdom of our retired members for useful and constructive purposes within the organizational framework of the IBEW. In fact, the formation of a club can play many important roles such as;
To help pensioners enhance their lives
To provide means for unified expression
To maintain a linkage with local union
To provide opportunities for needed social and recreational activities
To develop educational programs for those nearing retirement
To devise a political and legislative agenda
To create a mechanism for community involvement
To establish mentoring programs for active union members
To promote intergenerational alliances

If you are 55 years of age or older you are eligible to join the IBEW Local 502 Retiree's Club as an associate member if still active or as a full member if retired. if interested please contact one of the club executive members;

George Willard – Chair

Doug Hansen – Vice Chair

Dave McPherson – Rec Sec

Ed Ross - Treasurer

Hartley Bastarache - Director

Mike O’Brien - Director

Bob Clark - Director

Congratulations to our Retiree Club for being officially recognized.